Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One way - Two ways

Lonely walked on the street
Environment, atmosphere, people..
Everything looks fake and unreal in eyes
Included myself
Think of few years ago-myself
Have a sincere and pure passion
Have a big dream
Have a goal
Have a branch of friends
Have a feel to be alive
Striking hard to step up
One step, following by one step
That is a real me...

Now, look back on myself
Though still alike a human
Can walk, can sing, can laugh
but that is not a real me
Pure smile became fake smile
Drived passion became robotic passion
Undesigned life became mechanic life
Seems a dull doll
Abandoned by the owner

It still looks like a doll
But its souls already lost
It can't remember
Who it is, where it lives, what it wants
It just remembered that it has no heart now
Like a flying kite
There is no the end
But is the end for itself

Saying goes: there are many ways to let us choose
You can choose to out or in
But now myself is stucked
Everything in myself is blocked
There is no one who blocked me
But is myself
For me, just know that
I just have one way to choose
At least in this moment
It is......


  1. take care babe. you aint a robot. you are pretty kites that can soar high and higher and higher ok? :)