Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Believe I Can Fly

Couldn't count the number of days in struggling

Couldn't sleep, couldn’t think

Super duper lot stuffs to do

Waiting me to choose, to decide

Have a sudden feel to give up everything

Don’t want to bother

Tiring to pursue, to follow

Just want to hide myself in my small world

Just the only one at there

Nobody can see on me

This is I, myself

My feeling in the last few of months


After few months of missing and lost

I thought a lot

Looking back on myself

Differentiating myself, and


Finally, I come to realize

That is not something as hard as I think

It is just a process in growing up

My wings are still beside of me

They never lost or broken

I still believe I can fly

Maybe I still couldn’t know how far I can fly

But, as long as if I just believe it

Taking courage to spread my wings and fly away

There are miracles in life waiting for me to achieve

I believe I can fly

I want to fly out of my heart

Ignoring what others saying on me

Trying to boost up my confident and value

I just want to be myself

Lastly, just want to say

I am back!

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