Monday, November 23, 2009

First- Second Thought

What is your first thought of coffee and camera photo?
Feel that these two are kind of difference
Can't put it together
Can't discuss it together
What is your second thought ?
Have you change your mind and feeling gradually?

A sense of pleasure
Enjoyful, Sweeties memories
Lifeful, Appreciate feeling
Sadness, bitter memories
Regretful, Complicated feeling
in your heart

Everything is not perfect
We will have a lot of different feels and senses
Just depends on yours
Life is just like the coffee and photo
Though it is bitter but bringing us infinity senses
Struk of the smell of coffee
Though it is infinity colour but representing various lifestyles
Struck of the expression faces
Overwhelming grief and happiness
knotting our stomach and pulling at heart

This is called bitter-sweet memories
Bitter memories doesn't mean bad feeling
But it just like our lives everyday
Facing daily,weekily,and so on
So do sweet memories
It is crucial as it colours our life
Make it more meaningful and wonderful

Try to think of the second thought
You will find a different
Maybe life is complicated and messy
But if you make sense
It just a simple but remarkable

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